Keep Your Most Important Tools at Your Side

It's important to be able to quickly access the tools you need, and Grizzly Peak Enterprises strives to make it as simple as possible. Our Smelterville, Idaho-based company makes and sells the finest quality axe, wedge, and chainsaw scabbards for fast, easy access. That way, you're always ready, no matter what the forest has waiting for you.

Handy Access to Your Axes

Our handmade axe scabbards are built to last and custom-made to fit your axe perfectly. To order yours, measure your axe from the bit to hammer head. The scabbard should be 1/8" larger than your axe for smooth, free operation. Our design is patented in both the United States and Canada, and we are sure you'll love how much easier they make your job!

For convenience, our scabbards are adjustable, though they fit most single-bit axes without adjustments. Old axes may have rough spots, which can be filed off for ease of use and to help the scabbard last longer.

Securing Your Wedges

There's no reason to waste time looking for the wedge you need. Just keep them on your belt with our wedge scabbards. Crafted for wedges 6"-9" long, our scabbards come with options to hold two, three, or four wedges at a time. Holsters for 10"-12" wedges are available upon request, and are designed to hold two or three tools. The unique, spring-loaded design keeps your wedges in place, even if you invert the scabbard. These accessories draw the eyes of professional timber cutters all over, and make it extremely easy to reach the tool you need. 

Always Carry the Files You Need

Our aluminum file scabbards carry flat, round, or three-cornered files up to 10" long. They come with a handle that can be drilled to fit the files you prefer, which helps to prevent split handles. If you prefer a more earthy tone, our brass file holder works great for round and three-cornered files, and greatly increases the life of your files.

Chainsaw Mounting Made Easy

Our custom Byte-Tyte chainsaw scabbard is an all-aluminum, lightweight, universal mounting sleeve with a patented locking mechanism. The construction is extremely resilient, which allows you to mount your chainsaw to any surface without damaging the bar or chain while in the scabbard.

Improved Accessibility, Improved Safety

Fire extinguisher and paint can scabbards keep safety and convenience equipment within arm?s reach for fast response to emergencies, or when marking trees. Smaller designs and improved accessibility make for a comfortable, convenient storage accessory that simplifies your job so you can get more done. We also carry ribbon dispensers for just $11.10, which ensure your ribbon does not uncoil itself or become tangled.