Comfortable Gear That's Crafted to Last

When you're on your feet and working hard, rely on leather harnesses, belts, and pads from Grizzle Peak Enterprises to ensure you stay comfortable all day long. Our shop in Pierce Idaho, is known for crafting quality gear that doesn't sacrifice durability or comfortability.

Protect Your Shoulders from Daily Strains

Our shoulder pads are priced at just $8.80, and are designed to alleviate pressure and strain in your shoulders. Made of heavy leather with a thick felt pad, our pads are contoured to your neck to allow maximum comfort and protection, no matter what you're doing. They measure 5.5" x 9", and are built to last years of rough logging.

Practical Belts for Practical Use

Our leather belts are designed not just to hold up your pants, but also make it easy to keep all your most commonly-used tools with you. We use high-grade leather and add eyelets around the top and bottom to allow for tool storage and use of our harness system. Each belt is custom-made and measured in inches, not pants sizes. To place your order, simply wrap a tape around your waist (or wherever you wear your belt) and order the appropriate length. Belt is not pants size. If you need help with belt size please call us so we can help you order the right size.

Don't Let Your Tools Weight You Down

There's no need to carry all that weight on your hips, or to suffer from the physical repercussions for doing so. For just $30.95, we offer a complete harness system, with shoulder pads, designed to keep the weight of your tools off of your hips. The harness attaches to your shoulder pads and belt, and supports the weight of your tools. The belt needs to be snug enough to secure the tools, but most of the weight is supported on your shoulders, ensuring the highest level of comfort and a complete range of motion.